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11-year-old girl in Phoenix said that she was attacked by the kidnapper, but the unknown with the gun saved her

Elementary school Village Meadows in Phoenix (state of Arizona) parents sent their students a letter signed by the school principal-Melissa Weinman. In the letter, she notified them about the incident, which happened near the school on April 3 and advised to think again about their children’s safety on the way to school, and hold conversations with them.

As stated in the letter, published by FOX 10 and 11-year-old student Village Meadows told the teacher that when she went to school, near the building at the intersection of 19th Avenue and Bell Road to it ran up behind the man, grabbed his head and closed her mouth hand and was probably going to drag into the car standing nearby. Accidental witness of the accident knocked the assailant down and, threatening him with a gun, forced to leave. Possible the perpetrator fled in the direction from school street Morningside Drive.

The child describes her attacker as a big man, an African American with very dark complexion, green eyes, and a nose ring in the shape of a stud in the left nostril, he was dressed in a black hoodie. The Savior is not presented, also disappeared.

Recommendations from schools for the safety of children:

* That children always walked in groups

* Pay attention to your surroundings

* Didn’t talk to strangers if they are approached

* When approaching strangers immediately went and told about the incident to parents, school staff or call 911

* Waited for parents who need to pick them up, only on school grounds.

Phoenix police also released information to the media and said that he will monitor the area around the school.

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