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A woman from Oregon, she lived 99 years with “the internal organs Vice versa,” and did not complain

In the academic medical center OHSU in the state of Oregon an autopsy of a 99-year-old Rose Mary Bentley, it turned out that her internal organs were arranged not like all people. In this case, the woman had lived her 99 years and, according to family, never complained on health.

As they say in today’s posting on the OHSU website, Rose Mary Bentley, who died of natural causes and bequeathed his body for medical science, the autopsy was discovered the so-called situs inversus. Her liver, stomach and other abdominal organs were located reversely to the organs of an ordinary person, but her heart was in the left side of the chest. The autopsy began, students, who have been doing this for the first time, and therefore doubted their academic knowledge, they called the doctor.

Rose Marie Bentley may have been the oldest-known person with a rare, life-threatening condition called situs inversus with levocardia. Her liver, stomach and other organs were transposed right to left but her heart remained on the left side of her chest.

— OHSU News (@OHSUNews) April 8, 2019

Dr. Cam Walker said that such an arrangement of bodies with levokardiey occurs about once in every 22 thousand people, most often it is associated with life-threatening heart diseases and other disorders. Therefore, people with such arrangement of bodies rarely survive to adulthood, and the mirror revealed very quickly during their first complaint on health. Only one of the 50 million such people live up to 20 years. Science is aware of only two cases where people with this body lived up to 70 years.

However, Bentley’s family says she lived without any chronic diseases except arthritis in the elderly. Doctors in rural area Molal, where she lived, don’t remember it among their regulars. Once she had my Appendix out, the surgeon who performed the surgery, noted for its unusual location in their records. But understand this did not. No child Bentley did not know about the unusual location of the bodies of their mother and they also believe that she probably did not know.

Rosa Maria Bentley five children, for a long time she with her husband, who survived for 13 years, they ran his own store agricultural products Bentley Feed Store, and now they are her children. In the United Methodist Church Molalla she sang in the choir and taught Sunday school. Bentley also took care of the garden in the backyard of his house to feed his large family.

After retirement in 1980 she and her husband are active travelers and have visited all 50 States and several countries. They decided to donate their bodies after death for donor programs OHSU. So it was on the table for students. Freshman Warren Nielsen says he was shocked and embarrassed that the heart looked not as he had seen in the textbook. For example, a large vein was on the left and instead end up right in the heart, which is typical, it lasted through the diaphragm, along the thoracic vertebrae, up over the aortic arch, and then bent to the right. Nielsen is grateful to Bentley for this experience.

“We were able to study not only the normal anatomy but also all the anatomical variations that may occur. I grew up as a doctor. This experience makes me look forward to the opportunity to apply what I learned in practice”, — said the student.

Allie, the daughter of Rose Mary Bentley, said that her mother would have liked the attention that surrounded her now, “My mother would think it’s so cool that she was able to learn something from students. She probably would be surprised, and smiled, knowing that she was so different.”

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