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Chrysler Building for sale

The famous part of the Manhattan skyline, the world-famous skyscraper Chrysler Building, built in 1930 in Art Deco style by the project of William van Alena, apparently, will be replaced by the owner. The 77-storey tower with a height of 320 meters with a 55-metre spire before the construction of the Empire State Building was the tallest building in the world, a symbol of new York city remains today.

Experts doubt that the current owners will be able to return the money spent on the purchase of Chrysler Building in 2008

As reported by the Wall Street Journal, the current owners of the towers (Saudi Fund Abu Dhabi Investment Council bought 90% in 2008, and Tishman Speyer Properties) applied to CBRE Group Inc for help in organizing the sale. At the time, the Saudis paid for his 90% of the building $800 million, but now, real estate experts doubt that the famous high-rise will be able to attract a buyer who will pay a comparable sum even for the whole building. Since then it has held the world economic crisis, the building itself is old and now requires the purchaser the significant cost of repair.

Daily News notes that Walter Chrysler for the construction of his tower in 1928-30 years has spent $20 million The highest in the world, this skyscraper was not long, but became a movie star. Saw him, even those who have never been to new York, but at least watched a movie about spider-man or “Armageddon”.

The WSJ does not report the reasons why the Abu Dhabi Investment Council and Tishman Speyer Properties for sale, and possible parameters of the deal. Of course, new Yorkers important that the new owner has transformed the tower beyond recognition or, for example, not demolished.

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