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Cuomo banned from selling tobacco to persons under the age of 21

In the state of new York may raise age limit for sale of tobacco and electronic cigarettes from 18 to 21 years and to discontinue the sale of cigarettes in pharmacies. Of such plans, told reporters today the state’s Governor Andrew Cuomo.

“We have made great strides in the eradication of Smoking among teenagers but the new products threaten to undo this progress to the detriment of millions of Americans. We refuse to stand idly by while unscrupulous companies target our young people and jeopardize their future,” said Cuomo. According to the Governor, the use of tobacco is “the leading cause of preventable mortality in the state, and more and more minors use both traditional and electronic cigarettes.”

Under the restrictive measures come together with tobacco and electronic means, as well as different flavors. The controversy surrounding these funds “harmless” Smoking goes a long time. Many consider them to be useful for those who quit Smoking. However, in the FDA, for example, believe that electronic cigarettes, rather, provide a “soft entry” into Smoking for beginners, especially for young people: “3.6 million secondary school students in the US smoke electronic cigarette. The electronic cigarettes will be more prone to normal later. This is a great pool of future risk. So, from 2017 to 2018 among high school students increased cigarette consumption by 78% and among high school students by 48%”. Possible measures, stated Cuomo, will help to reverse this trend at least in the state of new York.

It is reported that the Cuomo plan will be included in the Executive budget for 2019.

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