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Despite the slowdown in the spread of influenza, the virus has picked up hundreds of new Yorkers

Last week the number of new Yorkers infected with influenza continued to grow despite a slowdown in the spread of the virus. This is evidenced by the state health Department, which in the week ending January 5, registered 3 681 ill in the state, including 1821 — in the five boroughs.

These figures reflect an increase in the number of cases 16.7%, compared to the previous week across the state, and approximately 10.3% in new York. Thus, the growth of population has reduced the pace. During the week ending December 29, the number of new cases in the state increased by 49.1%. The number of hospitalized with the flu last week, fell to 761 (a decrease of 6%).

Last week in Queens were recorded 590 new cases, followed by the Bronx (441 cases) and Brooklyn (431 cases). Since the beginning of the flu season — in the autumn of last year — more than 12 thousand new Yorkers contracted the virus, compared with 11 of 270 in the same period last year.

Although it should be noted that last year the peak was reached by mid-February, when one week sick more than 18 thousand people. This season, the flu killed one child, who died in October.

The health Department encourages new Yorkers to be vaccinated to protect themselves from the flu. You can find more information about the flu vaccine and its benefits at the link. And new Yorkers can find out where to get vaccinated using the card.

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