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In a viral video blogger broke down in tears due to the removal of her account in Instagram because they do not want to return to prostitution

Star Instagram published a tearful video after her account was removed because of user complaints. On account of the girl complains that she does not fit “normal job” — or in the office from 9.00 to 17.00 or in McDonald’s.

21-year-old Jesse Taylor of Tampa (FL), which had more than 113 thousand followers on Instagram, said that she is not ready to work because she’s “useless”. In the video on YouTube, you can see the girl in tears, which warns people to “think twice” before you complain about her account in Instagram because it’s her only income.

“Hey, guys, I edited a new post, but my Instagram suddenly removed, — complained to Jesse in the recording. I’m trying to return it, I’m calling everybody possible. I’m nothing without my subscribers”.

According to the girl, she is afraid that eventually she will become “homeless hooker” no account in Instagram. In tears, Taylor tells that she is not able to return to work in McDonald’s.

“I was a prostitute. I undressed every day. I don’t do that anymore because I make all my money online — continued Jesse. I don’t want to return to this life.”

The girl claims that she is struggling to get better for the sake of their subscribers.

“I used to work at McDonald’s to YouTube, Instagram, before I had 100 thousand subscribers, I was a goddamn loser,” said Jesse, noting that she had no higher education and she will never be able to work a regular job.

She insists: “Stop complaining about me in Instagram. The last thing I want to do is be a homeless prostitute.”

blogger Jesse Taylor

Despite all the efforts of Jesse to stop trolling on her social media users quickly picked up her roller and started to make fun of a crying girl.

One person said, “the Most pathetic thing I ever heard” while another user wrote: “This video should be a parody of the Millennium”.

Jesse has already created a new account in Instagram where there are already more than 5 thousand subscribers. And her video appeal on YouTube has already been seen by 275 thousand times.

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