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In Manhattan, the house collapsed concrete slab: 1 person injured

Residents of an apartment building on the Upper East side of Manhattan was evacuated Wednesday night after a concrete slab fell from a construction site on their house.

According to the FDNY, on the 26th floor of the under construction high-rise building at 1059 Third Avenue at about 20:45 was a partial collapse of a concrete wall, the wreckage of which crashed through the roof of a nearby building.

Has suffered only one 60-year-old man living on the 6th floor which had a shower in the time of the incident. Fortunately, despite the fact that it hit a 15-cm plate, the victim received minor injuries.

The rest of the inhabitants escaped with slight shock.

“A little scary to come home and see so many fire engines, said 37-year-old Carrie Dolce, who lives on the second floor of the building, the journalists of The Post. — Thank God, there were many people who were able to respond quickly. I’m so glad [live] not on the sixth floor.”

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“We heard this huge crash like something hit the building, a resident told Blake Krist Eyewitness news. — And then I heard people shouting in the corridor”.

The building Department continues to explore both objects. According to preliminary data, the top floor caused considerable damage, but the house is structurally stable.

A similar incident occurred at the same place last month when debris from a house under construction at 1059 Third Avenue fell on the neighboring building. Then the building between 26 and 30 floors at a time were suspended. But two weeks later, the ban was abolished after the confirmation inspection that the violations have been corrected.

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