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In new York for tomorrow declared a snow alert

Tomorrow, Sunday, from 6 p.m. declared a snow alert. DSNY called on all city services to prepare the equipment and salt to clear the snow drifts on the streets and in the courts, the owners of buildings to be able to work.

New Yorkers are advised to monitor the weather forecast in the evening of 10 February

DSNY is in contact with the Management of emergency situations and the Ministry of transport to promptly solve problems if they arise. While motorists are advised to monitor the weather and, in the case of confirmation of the snowfall, if possible to avoid travel.

DSNY has issued a Snow Alert for Sunday, February 10, 2019 at 6 p.m. ❄ Salt spreaders will be ready for any winter weather that comes our way. ❄

— NYC Sanitation (@NYCSanitation) February 9, 2019

Now over new York relative to clear sky and -1°C, but tomorrow it is expected to +4°C. With warming may come snowy air mass, which will give, perhaps, the townspeople abundant snowfall. The threat of a really big snowfall yet in question, but the authorities in NY have to blow on the water after the unavailability of urban services to the first snow in November led to political scandals and harsh criticism of mayor De Blasio. Also many of the complaints raised by the work of officials and emergency services in recent days, Arctic frost, when new York came the polar vortex.

Really heavy snow today fell to the lot of the residents of Seattle, where the precipitation was 16 cm (at annual norm of 17 cm) and declared a state of emergency.

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