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Leading Fox News admitted that for 10 years doesn’t wash her hands because “the bacteria are not real”

The famous host Pete Hegseth live admitted that for 10 years doesn’t wash her hands. Such a statement the man did on the show Fox and Friends, leaving the audience in shock. According to him, hand washing is simply not necessary.

However, the broadcaster did not stop there. He continued to talk about the inhabitants of a microcosm and said, “Bacteria are not real. I don’t see them, which means they do not exist.” Words Hegseth supported his colleague, Jedediah Beat. She stated that in this case, the man immune to bacteria, citing an unknown theory of his father.

Worth noting: after the show, broadcaster Fox News has launched on the social network Twitter hashtag #DontWash (Not mine), attaching it to the message from her lover. The user claimed that he also never washes his hands and never had the flu or a cold.

Social networking wonder how a graduate of Princeton and Harvard to speak about such things. Photo: POC

“Our bodies need bacteria to know how to deal with them. Too many germophobes divorced,” said fan Hegseth.

However, the vast majority of people do not share the vision of a famous TV host. Social networking wonder how a graduate of Princeton and Harvard to speak about such things.

According to them, the modern world is full of microorganisms that infect every minute thousands of people across the planet dangerous diseases. A reputable lawyer Bradley moss wondered how the presenter would react if the restaurant where he regularly visits, the staff did not wash hands.

Representatives of the Centers for control and disease prevention in the United States (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention — CDC) has repeatedly stated that hand washing is the most effective method of removing bacteria. This allows you to prevent exposure to dangerous diseases and limit the spread of microorganisms.

By the way, the President of the United States Donald trump in his book “the Art of return” has said that he does not like the handshake, because it is “the curse of American society”. According to the politician, he is a fan of clean hands and tries to wash them as often as possible. Apparently, Pete Hegseth would not appear in the list of favorite presenters of the President.

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