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MOFAD invites everyone to the celebration of Old New year

Don’t want the holidays to end? There is a way. Come January 19 at MOFAD — Museum of food and drink — the celebration of Old New year. Here along with specially invited guests you will be able to experience the atmosphere of a culinary and cultural phenomenon, has its roots far in the past.

Old New year is not only a holiday, but a real historical incident, which is often incomprehensible to foreigners. After all, why after the New year and Christmas the family gathered at the festive table and marks the “New year”?

An extra treat was the result of change of era. After the October revolution the Gregorian calendar was introduced to replace the old Julian calendar. The difference between the calendars was 13 days! After the reform of 1918, the religious population had to celebrate the New year in the middle of the 40-day fast.

Thus, it was decided to celebrate another New year in the night from 13 to 14 January, when everyone can afford to heartily celebrate the New year after the end of advent. And there was the Old New year.

To understand all the subtleties of the traditions of winter holidays in the post-Soviet countries you will be able, under the leadership of Irina pear, which will present the historical seminar. You can also try traditional Russian food and drinks.

The event starts at 19:00. Tickets can be purchased here. Please note that due to the presence at the celebration of alcohol, the entrance is opened only for visitors 21 years or older.

The Museum of food and drink is located at Brooklyn, 62 Bayard Street. For more information you can find on the official website or by phone: (718) 387-2845.

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