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New York expands the program providing free glasses for first-graders and preschoolers

Taking care of their young residents, new York wants to help them to see well and look good while studying.

Mayor De Blasio announced that through the expanded partnership with eyewear manufacturer Warby Parker every child, which will be in 2019 in kindergarten or first grade will receive free points if necessary.

The Department of education of new York has partnered with this company in 2015. According to the approved program, part of the Warby Parker profits from each pair sold goes to the production of the second, free, for the needy.

Currently, in partnership with Warby Parker served over 100 thousand students in more than 200 schools. With the expansion of the program to the citywide scale, approximately 33 thousand young new Yorkers will get free points, and more than 140 thousand will be free to examine the organs of vision in the institutions of the city health Department.

Today about a quarter of students in new York need glasses, but get them only 5%. Consequently, a significant number of children lack an important condition for quality learning.

According to the mayor this autumn in Bushwick and the Bronx will also be additional free activities for children under 3 years. Currently, the program is 3K For All (“3K”) operates in 6 areas. In the 2019/2020 school year, it will cover 20 thousand kids.

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