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The charm of evil? The journalist who took the interview, the maniac Ted Bundy, admitted that even he was “smitten”

The Associated Press reporter Dan Sewell recently shared memories about the interview with one of the most famous American serial killersTed Bundy.

Sewell spoke with Bundy in 1979, after the jury in Florida found him guilty and sentenced to the death penalty.

According to Sewell, a 32-year-old Bundy made him smile and literally “charmed”, as charmed dozens of women, some of whom became his victims.

“They hung on his every word in the courtroom and to explain it couldn’t, and neither could I. Bundy even received kind words from the judge of of Dade County, Edward Cowart, — said the journalist. — The judge called Bundy a “smart young man” said that he could work in the legal field, and that he (the judge) would be happy to teach such a student-lawyer. “But you went the other way””, — quoted words of the judge reporter.

According to the journalist, when, after sentencing, law enforcement authorities began to divert Bundy, the judge quietly said to him: “take Care of yourself.”

Ted Bundy, July 1978
Source: State Archives of Florida/Public domain

Serial killer Theodore Robert Bundy, a native of Vermont, was operating in the 1970-ies in several States: Idaho, California, Florida, Oregon, Washington, Colorado, Utah. His victims were young girls and girls. The exact number of his victims is unknown. Shortly before his execution in 1989 (Ted Bundy was 42 years old), he confessed to 30 murders between 1974 and 1978, but the true number of victims is presumed to be much higher.

“Bundy has made me think about the contrast between the respectable, attractive man he was outwardly, and ruthless killer,” commented Sewell in a recent article.

Sewell also remembered how even one of the witnesses told him about Bundy: “I don’t know what he has, but he’s charming. It is very impressive. He has a magnetism.”

By the way, the film 2019 Director Joe Berlinger “Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile” (in the Russian hire – “Beautiful, the bad and the ugly”) at the Sundance Film festival in Utah already heavily criticized for what the picture is Bundy’s “too charming”. The role of Ted Bundy in the film played by Zac Efron, in Russian and Ukrainian film will be released in April.

“It took almost 40 years after that interview 30 years after the execution of Bundy in the electric chair, and his “deadly” charm continues to confound,” said Dan Sewell.

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