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The man who stole the van in Maryland, suspected of preparing terrorist attacks

The U.S. attorney’s office in the district of Maryland, representatives of the County police Prince George and Alexandria (state of Virginia) published accusations of a resident of Germantown Rodella Henry and demanded his pre-trial detention. He is accused of car theft, however, investigators have reason to believe that behind this terrorist attack. Ostensibly for this purpose he stole the vehicle-a uhaul van that could be used for ramming crowds of people, for example, at the airport.

Rodnell Henry is a US citizen, who came from Trinidad and Tobago ten years ago. He received a degree in cybersecurity in the College of the University of Maryland. Investigators say he spent two years visited Internet resources to terrorist and extremist content and felt the hatred of those who do not profess the Muslim faith.

US Attorneys say Rondell Henry, 28, of Germantown, MD truck plotted attack at National Harbor
– Prosecutors say Henry FIRST tried to harm people at Dulles
– He couldn’t get through security
– Then went to Nat Harbor, [email protected] #BREAKING

— Mike Valerio (@MikevWUSA) April 8, 2019

A few days before his arrest, he quit his job and severed relations with the landlord. Friends say that he was acting nervously and irritably, then disappeared. As found out a consequence, he left the city and drove to Alexandria from the garage of the shopping center a uhaul van, which arrived at DULLES international airport in Virginia at around 5 a.m. March 27. After getting out, he walked into the airport and inspected the terminal. Police believe that he was inspired by the tragedy in nice, where’s the truck with the terrorist driving killed people who entered the crowd were planning something similar. He wanted to RAM a van of people waiting in the airport terminal.

The early bird catches the sunrise! #MondayMotivation

— Dulles Airport (IAD) (@Dulles_Airport) April 8, 2019

It is assumed that after attempting to overcome security systems, realizing that she had attracted the attention of security personnel, he walked out of the terminal building and driving the van went to the National Harbor in Maryland, where he tried to escape by boat. He was arrested in the Harbor of Prince George while trying to cross the barrier. He was charged in the theft of the van that carries up to 10 years in prison.

followme – Why a seemingly unplanned terrorist attack at the National Harbor is the hardest kind to prevent: Federal prosecutors say Rondell Henry knew nothing about guns or bombs. But he knew how to drive, and that was enough to launch a… followforfollow

— Jen Austria (@TheMiamiCondos) April 9, 2019

However, the chief of the County police Prince George Hank Stawinski, contacting other services, came to the conclusion that stealing a car is much more dangerous.

Breaking-Rondell Henry has been ordered held without bond by a Federal Magistrate judge. A prosecutor laid out the evidence against him today saying Henry admitted wanting to kill as many people as he could at National Harbor and create panic in the name of the Islamic State.

— Paul Wagner (@Fox5Wagner) April 9, 2019

While law enforcement agencies are requiring renewal of the content of Henry’s pre-trial detention, claiming that he is dangerous to society and a flight risk from justice.

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