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The police are looking for a lady with a bat, crushed a restaurant in the Bronx because of the burgers

The police Department continues to search for the indomitable women who broke glass at a restaurant in the Bronx on the corner of Boston Road and East 169th St in Morrisania.

Jane DOE came to the restaurant Back Home and ordered beef burgers. However, some time later she was approached by the waiter and was told that the burgers are over… much irritated Madam got up and left, returning shortly with a bat in his hands. Strong blows she broke the glass doors and one window. An unknown passerby tried to stop her, but was forced to retreat. After the defeat, it escaped on Boston Road in a southerly direction, leaving only your image on the video surveillance cameras.

As a result of incident nobody has suffered. It was January 15 the bat woman ran not long, so, apparently, lives or works not too far away. However, to the disappointment of the owners and employees of the restaurant, police have to find her failed. Detectives are asking women friends to report it to the police on the phone.

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